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The Quagmare in the DPP

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The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is split and Henry Duncan Dama Phoya just put it on record this other week when he trashed the Injunctions Bill. The Malawileaks has obtained many confidential reports DPP gurus have been sending about each other and would like to present to the public who is who in the current set up. Unfortunately the raging political battles have not spared anybody leaving His Excellency Ngwazi Professor Bingu wa Mutharika confused if not out rightly cheated at all times.


There are over six factions in DPP and we are glad to expose and provide analysis to all of them:




  1. The Professors Team


These are mainly a group of those that have given heart and soul to ensure that Professor Peter Mutharika is elected. They mainly compose of the Professor’s loyal Personal Assistant Ben Phiri and some parliamentarians including Eunice Napolo, Charles Mchacha, Kondwani Nankhumwa and several politicians including National Organising Secretary for DPP Francis Mphepo and selected party officials. In the Cabinet, only Finance Minister Ken Kandodo and Lands Minister John Bande are said to be certain supporters of Peter Arthur Mutharika project. So far in public utilities institution Elvis Thodi of Immigration Department is said to be another staunch supporter of the Professor. MBC Director General Bright Malopa, who has created a mess at the public broadcaster with his unplanned campaign, is still not certain of the outcome, making him a suspicious character among those said to support the Professor. Others have targeted this group with lies and creations to have them removed. A senior party official linked to a Board member at the Malawi Housing Corporation leaked the report to the Daily Times on houses purchase to taint the Professor, Banda and others as a way of keeping them out of the race. These primarily have avoided gossip and focus on planning and recruitment of the media, party functionaries and have stayed above party mud. We are verifying more names and we will provide in due course.




  1. The Malawi Congress Party team


The main player of the Malawi Congress Party team which is seeking to consolidate influence in the ruling DPP is led by Secretary General Bintony Kutsaira. This group has emerged as ruthless and antagonistic that it has destroyed or worked to destroy others by creating a lot of stories to the President. The MCP philosophy of ‘kuthana’ is embedded in this group. Deputy Minister in the Office of the President and Cabinet Nicholas Dausi even lied about Lonjezo Sithole the former President of the Chancellor College Students Union as having travelled to Geneva when the poor student does not even have a passport. Apart from Dausi, Mai Magaret Chiponda who was known as a close friend of Joyce Banda but tried to exonorate herself during the Sanjika meeting of Joyce Banda by calling the veep “iwe” is known as a follower of Kutsaira who is said to have convinced the Ngwazi to pick her into the State House alongside Dausi. Others in the MCP team include Damazio Shumba and Hetherwick Ntaba. However Ntaba is known to loathe Kutsaira after he dislodged him from the Secretary General position which he once occupied.




  1. The Chiradzulu Mafia




This is a creation of another battle mainly between Business tycoon Leston Mulli and State House Chief of Staff Edward Sawerengera. The Chiradzulu Mafia places Inspector General of Police Peter Mukhito, Sawerengera, Secretary to the Treasury Joseph Mwananvekha, Chiradzulu East MP Henry Mussa and Chief Justice Lovemore Munlo on the same path of those trying to sabotage Peter Mutharika campaign. This cannot be verified but the report indicates that Munlo would pair either with Speaker of Parliament Henry Chimunthu Banda in the Malawi Congress Party where Mussa once run for parliamentary office in 1994 or stand on his own in a new political formation. Clerk of Parliament Maltida Katopola and Anti-Corruption Bureau Boss Alex Nampota are said to be part of this team. The group has now vowed to finish off Mulli whose main accusation is that he is supporting the Vice President Joyce Banda.




  1. The Mulli group




Leston Mulli, perhaps the most rich Malawian among his generation has given financial support to individuals in the DPP and even some well known media personalities are said to be on his pay roll. His biggest rival in Media payroll is former President Bakili Muluzi and Transport Minister Sidik Mia who are known to have bankrolled the last elections of the Media Institute for Southern Africa including an all night party in Blantyre where all major newspapers and radios attended. Mulli who was denied business at the National Assembly in favour of Mikes Trading without any advertising, is said to be the brains behind the removal of some key personal with different agendas like Chikumbutso Mtuumodzi who used the State House position to make different deals. Mulli recently was accused to supporting Joyce Banda campaign by the Chiradzulu Mafia and is said to have been ordered out of the VIP list during presidential elections. Interestingly he remains loyal to the DPP. Those that are in his group remain well hidden though mostly he uses the media to fight his battles.




  1. Joyce Banda group




Several parliamentarians especially in Blantyre are on their journey out the party. Jeffrey Mtelemuka,  Wells Gama and Henry Phoya made their intentions clear when they did not support the bill. But look again, even Moses Kunkuyu was absent from the house in a strategic move that was aimed at reducing the DPP vote. Well over 40 parliamentarians have been meeting in Area 10 and in Blantyre where they have strategized to join the Peoples Party by Vice President Joyce Banda. Apart from Phoya, those linked to the PP include Grace Maseko of Zomba Chingale, Jane Chirunga and hordes of MP’s from Zomba, Chiradzulu and some from Central Region. It is not clear about Zomba Central MP Yunus Mussa, Chief Secretary Bright Msaka and Speaker of Parliament Henry Chimunthu Banda who have also said to have links to the Vice President.




  1. The Chimunthu Banda war chest




Part of the Malawi leaks set up are some contentious documents which will be loaded at an appropriate time linking to fundraing efforts by Speaker Henry Chimunthu Banda, Clerk of Parliament Matilda Katopola, Deputy Clerk Edgar Kachere, his mother and Disability Minister Reen Kachere to secret fundraising efforts to create space for 2014 presidential elections. So far Chimunthu Banda, Katopola and Kachere’s values are around K100 million apiece which is disappropriate from their own incomes since 2004. Chimunthu Banda has been linked to Kutsaira in efforts to become a running mate to Professor Mutharika, though the Speaker is said to harbor own ambitions to run with Blantyre Rural East MP Henry Phoya as his runningmate.


Chimunthu Banda has personal loyalty of the majority of MP’s he assisted as Secretary General during elections or ensured that they run in the 2009 general elections. His well known boys and girls include Dedza East MP Hyacinta Chikaonda, Nchisi South MP Ulemu Chilapondwa, Nsanje MP Sam Ganda among the 32 identified to be close to the Speaker.




  1. The Northern group




Split into two, the Tonga quartet- Symon Vuwa Kaunda, Professor David Mphande, Professor Eta Banda and Ephraim Chiume and the Mzimba group led by Goodall Gondwe and Paul Shawa, the two groups loyalty except for Vuwa Kaunda, Chiume and Professor Eta Banda are not known. The three have no strong political base hence they remain primarily loyal to the party, while Gondwe has been hosting a lot of Northern based MPs whose meetings and agenda have ben shrouded in secrecy.






The DPP situation remains peculiar as the count down to 2014 begins. It will be 28 months to the next general election from July 1, 2011 and each minute will matter to the ruling party, its potential candidate in the name of Professor Peter Mutharika and loyalty of its membership. The following things are expected in the next 12 months:


  • Resignation of Phoya, Henry Mussa, Moses Kunkuyu and others before December 2011.
  • Cabinet Reshuffle
  • Non renewal of ACB and Clerk of Parliaments contracts
  • More personal attacks on Peter Mutharika engineered by internal DPP officials
  • Ill conceived rallies to irritate Malawians who should continue to hate the DPP.


Next week: Jim Jumani Johansson the real story how he duped Malawians in Blantyre in 2008 and his later claims in 2009 to have been Kamuzu’s son. We have emails between him and his families on various topics. We were hacked for a few days but we have corrected please send the Kenyan Embassy account numbers to or . John Tembo’s Cape Town Accounts have finally arrived, be on the look out.




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BANDA’s real wealth: Where is it hidden: Part 1: Mama Kadzamira’s accounts in London

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We are facing a lot of Hacking!
Due the increasing number of attempted hacks, we are trying to move this site to a secure and permanent site as we are using a blog. Updates therefore will b delayed. But we are pleased to share with the Malawi nation some of the most hidden facts in the history. The real worth of the Late Hastings Kamuzu Banda.
Kamuzu Banda ruled Malawi with an Iron fist from 1963 to 1994 on 17 May, during his tenure an estimated 8,000 Malawians were killed while over 15,000 were jailed and tortured, amongst them at least 3,000 remain unaccounted for.
Throughout his tenure, only one man was left standing- the Right Honourable John ZENUS UNGAPAKE Tembo who today holds the Office of the Leader of Opposition. This is a man who in 1993 after the arrest of the Late Chakufwa Chihana told the State Prosecution then led by Chief Justice Lovemore Munlo as Minister of Justice, Mr. Kamdoni Nyasulu as Director of Public Prosecutions and Mr. Gustav Kaliwo as Assistant Prosecutor to lock Chihana and forget.
‘Kupita ku khoti, mulowetsa mphepo mdziko,” is what Tembo told that Team.
But Tembo was also very crucial to Dr. Kamuzu Banda’s wealth, he remained Chairman of Press Holdings which later changed to Press Corporation Limited, he was Chairman of the Commercial Bank, Blantyre Print and Publishing and more importantly Treasurer General of the Malawi Congress Party.
The MCP was run by seconded staff from Government which translated it into a New Government department that qualified for funding for its operations. Estimates from Former Cabinet Ministers include that at least K5 million ( at the exchange rate of 1 USD to MWK1.5) was transferred annually for party services.
Add the K5 million to a period of 11 years Tembo was Treasurer General before 1994 an additional K15 million estimated to be collected from Party cards and sale of forced gifts.
In real United States Dollar terms, the Late Hastings Kamuzu Banda’s wealth inclusive of the Press Corporation exceeded 40 million at his death, including shares and accounts held in several banks in England and one in the United States of America.
While Press Corporation was reverted to be a public entity through the main shareholder Press Trust, Kamuzu Family retains the ownership of the USD1 million mansion Nguluyanawambe, USD10 million Chayamba Building, Chamwavi Estates and many others. The estate value is in the region of USD25 million.
But most Malawians will like to know where the rest of the Money and property in London estimated at British Pound 2 million in 1994 by Sir David Steel, went and who controls it. This has been the matter as the money, in real sense belongs to Malawians.
Here are some details of those willing to help track this public money:
• Kamuzu’s Banda’s first will was first made in Ghana whilst he had only one house in London, Chamwavi Farm in Kasungu and a maize mill- the first bought around 1948.
• Kamuzu’s last will was made on or around 2 December, 1993 months after he had just come out of a brain surgery. The Codicil was executed on 16th May 1995.
• The will was read in 1998 at Nguluyanawambe.
• The Lawyers for Kamuzu Banda who were keeping the will were known as James Radcliffe and Company. A Lawyer who hand delivered the will from the firm was known as Deborah Holland.
• The Lawyer who handled documents with Khuze Kapeta on Dr. Banda’s accounts and investments in London was Memory Crystal.
• Nothing is mentioned of Private Accounts in the Will (OOPS he might have forgotten)
• The ONLY outsiders apart from Mama C.T Kadzamira mention in the will are those the late Kamuzu Banda is said to have asked to be paid pecuniary legacies who include:
1. Mr. Tembo- Senior Head Chef (1966-1994)
2. Mr. Harrison Chisonga (1966-1997)
3. Mr. Kabango, Senior Waiter (1972-1997)
4. Mrs Regina Phiri, House Keeper (1974-1997)
5. Mr. Mambo, Head Chauffer (1966-1997)
6. Mr. Roma Pasadi, Senior Cheuffer (1958-LATE 80s)
7. Mr. Chidoola, Chauffer (1974-1997)
8. Mr. Chinguwo, Chauffer (1974-1997)
9. Mr. Kanyoni, Bodyguard (DATES NOT SURE)
10. Mr. Kammenyeni, Clinical Officer (1985-1995)
The Accounts:
• It is a fact that the Late Hastings Kamuzu Banda held more than five accounts in London Banks among them for the Kamuzu Academy. As to who is the signatory of the account, nobody knows up to date. KA has been in dire need of renovations but there are no funds as school fees and Government scholarships for the poor students carter for salaries and running of the school.
• Mama C.T Kadzamira who retired as Official Hostess of the Government at a Principal Secretary grade was once asked to open an account in New York, USA whose details have disappeared but the following accounts have been traced:
• Lloyds TSB Bank PLC: Account number 772389
• National Westminster Bank PLC: Account Numbers 58542116, 58517839, 04012046
• In 1995 Accounts for Gogo Kupingani and Gogo Chendawaka had almost been tampered when medical reports indicated that Banda’s memory was impaired. This was an alert to the Family that something fishy was going on over Dr. Banda’s money. Mama and Farouk Sacraine, long time Dr. Banda’s accountant alleged that they had been given power of attorney by the two Kamuzu nieces.
These are the first accounts to be known publicly that they hold the wealth some people accumulated during the time of the Late Kamuzu Banda. We are now on trail to Cape Town where JZU Tembo holds millions of Rands and how he has used to manipulate the MCP property within the country.
Our mission is that Malawians are aware how rich their Leaders are through their sweat. From Kamuzu Banda to Bakili Muluzi through to the current Head of State Ngwazi Professor Bingu wa Mutharika we will tell you how much our Leaders are worth. They served the public offices and the public has a right to know.

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Budget 2011

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Budget 2011

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Welcome to Malawi Leaks, our updating time will be around 1 pm Mondays to Thursdays and Fridays to Sunday it will vary. But we expect to bring breaking news every moment that it flows into our system. A mobile number will be provided soon for those wishing to text within Malawi.

Thank you for supporting this initiative, more thank you to all those that have started sending us details of corruption at highest level.

God only should be the one to be served not a human being. If we root out greed, corruption and many vices, Malawi will be the most beautiful country in the World, the happiest of the People and the best of the generation who made a difference during their stay.

Today we start with budget allocations to key offices. These are offices that makes decisions but want Malawians to pay more while their budgets remain the same.

Kaunjika is not a luxury to the 50 percent of Malawians who live on K300 per day. The farmers that are being paid K35 per kilogramme at the Auction Floors and those that are being ripped K15 per Maize kilogramme.


Note: We are still scanning the dossiers from Parliament.

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Malawi Leaks Taking off soon!

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Malawi Leaks is the latest addition to the developing Online media in the Country. This has come in realisation that so many stories go unreported or the local media is afraid of law suits or personal relationships to expose the issues that cover public finances and greater accountability. This facility is open to all Malawians and those that consider themselves as Freinds of Malawi to help fight corruption. Among our introductory stories this week from tommorrow June 7, 2011, Malawi leaks will be uploading close to 200 pages of documents sourced from the Malawi Parliament exposing a well ochestrated scheme by senior officials at Parliament. How can a company be paid K7 million monthly of the tax payers money just to look after flowers. How can a contract worth K147 million be awarded without being floated. The reasons are not political but it is time the public learnt the truth about their officials.

ALSO on the menu includes the Accounts Mama C.T Kadzamira holds at Lyolds Bank in England on behalf of the Late Hastings KAMUZU BANDA, the USD30 million Colonel Muammar Ghaddafi had promised to the United Democratic Front, How some Ministers became stinking rich over night, Public Audits for several Ministries that have not been released, the South African Rand 200 million account MCP’s John Tembo has stashed elsewhere. Joyce Banda is she really clean. What are Professor Peter Mutharikas assests and where are they?

Who engineered the MHC saga, who pays who in the media to stop stories or create stories? Who is a spy in which party? Everyday should be very exciting for Malawians.

What happened to the Tobacco the Police confiscated at the Mchinji Border? Who owns the Chamba farms in Mzimba? Who benefits from exploration licences? Where does the Chimwazulu Mine loyalties go? How much did parties spend on campaign.

This is a beginning of a revolution to change the Landscape of Malawi politics. If you have that document you want to share with the public Malawi Leaks will not ask questions but duly pass all the information into the public. WRITE TO

The Malawi Leaks is an open source, parties who believe in freedom of expression will leave us alone, but we are a team of dedicated and patriotic Malawians aimed at clearing the rot, especially in our political system!

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Welcome to Malawi leaks

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One of the essentials of democracy is to know who our Leaders are and those entrusted with public resources do with that Money. Owing it to personal loyalty and sheer corruption, most people are afraid of reporting High Level corruption. This website has been created to specifically address that gap that Malawians can find space and report corruption. Please write to to report Corrupt practices and expose the issues our local media cannot publish.

The site is managed by volunteers and tose willing to support it, please email your documents or stories to the Editor and we do not take any sides.

  • Stand by for the report on how close to K400 million has been spent at your National Assembly headed by the Speaker himself Right Honourable Henry Chimunthu Banda, Clerk of Parliament Maltida Katopola and Assistant Clerk of Parliament Edgar Kachere have abused the trust Malawians gave them.
  • Learn how CELCOM beat C Mobile in getting a licence despite having inside information from the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) given by its Directors.
  • What is the real story about G Mobile.
  • How did Joyce Banda spent the millions from ADMARC
  • Special Report on JOHN TEMBO’s billions stashed in Cape Town
  • Uladi Mussa’s text messages to DPP, MCP and PPM
  • Who is benefiting from licences issued to explore mining in Malawi
  • Chimwazulu Farm- From Kamuzu to Bingu, what is wrong with the mining firm.








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Hello world!

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